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Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the people behind QuickGrab?

QuickGrab is a new and exciting brand extension of JSP. JSP has been an international manufacturer for plastic related products and packaging solutions since 1986. For more information on JSP, please visit our website at


Are the bags biodegradable or eco-friendly? 

The bags are naturally degradable, making them a clean, easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of nappies and dog litter.


Do you have a pricing list or press release with information about the bags? Where are they available for sale?

Head over to the 'Purchase QuickGrab' tab for retailers carrying our products. A press release will be published shortly.



What's the difference between dog litter disposal bag and nappy disposal bags?

The fragrance for nappy disposal bags is baby powder scented whilst the dog litter bag is lemon scented. The dog litter disposal bag is also thicker to prevent hands from being soiled when picking up the litter.



Are they certified baby-friendly and toxin free? 

We do not have this but we have received positive testimonials from mummies who have used our product. We have also been manufacturing a similar product for our customer in Australia for the last 7 to 10 years - it is only recently that we decided to enter the Singapore market - it has been well-received down under.


Where can I find QuickGrab Nappy Disposal Bags for sale at retail shop?

You may visit the following Mothercare outlets:

- Seletar Mall

- Harbourfront

- Parkway

- Paragon

- KK Hospital

- Forum

- Plaza Singapura

- Tampines

- Marina Square


Have more questions? We would love to answer them. Head over to the 'Contact Us' tab under Home or click here.

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