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QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags

- Jasmine Chong, Mother of Two

"The nappy bags are really useful especially when you don't have a rubbish chute inside your house.

Now I don't have to make a trip out to the rubbish chute each time my toddler poops -

I just place the soiled diapers into the nappy bags and wait til ... I dispose of all the rubbish together, knowing that the soiled diapers wouldn't stink up the whole house!

The bags are a must-have in diaper bags too!"

"The odour-neutralising nappy bags are really effective in containing the smell of a soiled nappy! Makes me much less embarassed when having to dispose my baby's soiled diaper in public.

Super lightweight and handy in the diaper bag or even just for home use.

Helps that they are biodegradable - makes me feel less guilty about using disposable diapers.

Great item! "

- Kenny Lee, Father of One

"The nappy bags open easily, adding to the convenience of diaper disposal. Sweet-smelling bag makes diaper-changing a pleasurable experience!

Cute picture on the nappy bag helps keep the baby occupied during the diaper-changing process.

Nappy bag presses snugly onto the disposed diaper, giving precious space for storing other baby items in the baby's bag. Smell-saver in situations where no bin is in sight! "

- Diana Tan, Mother of One 

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